Now your



is open everyday!

The e-i-e-i-o app
is your
day of harvest,
7 day a week,
Farmers Market…
...where gardeners and
small farmers post
"For Sale."
It’s so easy to use.

Sign in with your Apple ID...

or create an account...
...capture photos of
what is ripe and ready...

In your garden,
...or on your farm.
Write enticing descriptions
of all your
....price them,
and post them.

Your Farmers Market
stand is open!
Then, anyone wanting
- home grown
- locally raised
- sun ripened
- fresh foods
can search e-i-e-i-o to
find them!

By item, or.... for
what is grown
nearby on their
e-i-e-i-o app map… 
…then buy them! Boom!  

home grown
food available!

From neighbors!
For neighbors!
7 days a week! 

Get your
GARDEN growing!

e-i-e-i-o FAQs

1. What can I sell on e-i-e-i-o?

Anything you grow or raise!

2. How much does it cost?

For the gardener or farmer, Nothing! Nada!
Thank you for your passion and hard work to bring food from the earth to our tables!

‍For the rest of us - 86 cents.

3. Waaaat? 86 cents? What is that?

e‑i‑e‑i‑o doesn’t just allow you to find great, homegrown food - it’s a movement to help the earth! When you use e‑i‑e‑i‑o, you support food gardening and local and small farming which helps:

86 large scale farming challenges of fertilizers, pest control, GMO plants, water, migrant labor and others

86 fossil fuel consumption and pollution from shipping food in trucks and planes coast to coast or from other countries

86 energy consumption needed for cold storage and warehousing

86 the expanding carbon footprint around food production and delivery.

Why grow → pack → ship → refrigerate → store → ship → retail when you can get to a neighbor’s house or nearby farm to pick up homegrown foods!

Every time you use e‑i‑e‑i‑o, you are 86ing these and helping food gardeners, small farmers and the planet!

And, in most places 86 cents will average out to be less than the cost to drive to the grocery or what would be paid in sales tax on the same purchase.

4. How do I get my purchase?

Meet your neighbors!

Get to know your neighbors!

When you complete payment, the gardener or farmer receives a text notifying them you just made a purchase so they can pick and have it ready.

Buyers get a text that connects them with the gardener or small farmer to make arrangements for pick up.